My Dearest S,

This is a collection of love letters I decided to begin writing to you on July 10, 2012. For now, I am putting them out into the “universe”, rather than sending them to you, something a little like a weird internet version of that movie “The Notebook”. Amusingly, just the other day, you and I randomly ran into Ryan Gosling himself at the movie theater, and that’s what gave me the idea to do this. I don’t even know right now if I’ll ever show you this blog, but my hope is that some day, you will want to read through these letters. I will write them completely from my heart, in the hopes that maybe one day we can look back on them together and share a laugh, a tear, a story. I’m writing with the hope, I suppose, that there is a “we”.

See the menu on the right, entitled “Read letters from A to S in order here”, and click on the letters to read them. They are in the order they were written.

With love,



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